Actions to protect species

Many species of fish are endangered around the world. Being concerned with this problem, the Aquarium of the Tropics is involved in several programs to save freshwater species and raise public awareness of the threats facing certain fish.

Lake Victoria cichlid - Haplochromis paropius

Goodéidé - Xenotoca doadrioi

Florida turtle - Trachemys scripta

Lake Victoria cichlid – Haplochromis paropius

In collaboration with the Haplochromis Association, we maintain and help the reproduction process of several species of Cichlidae, native to Lake Victoria.
This great African lake is experiencing major ecological problems at the moment. 
The Aquarium informs the public about the threats these fish are facing, such as the introduction of the Nile perch, environmental pollution, and so on.

Goodéidé – Xenotoca doadrioi

We are also helping to save fish from the Goodéidés family. This conservation program is being carried out in cooperation with the Association France Vivipare, which is involved in the “Fish Ark” program.
Many species in this family of fish are endangered (or have already disappeared), mainly because their natural environment is drying up.


Florida Tortoise – Trachemys scripta

We also shelter Florida tortoises to ensure that they do not exacerbate the disappearance of the European pond turtle (already introduced by the thousands into most European waterways).
Indeed, the introduction of any animal (or plant) species into an environment that is not its own can cause an irreversible impact in the ecosystem’s balance.

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