Almost 40 years of history


3 aquarium enthusiasts organised an exhibition in a local hall in Allex.
Following its success (3,000 visitors in a week), they decided to create an association called the
"Club Aquariophile d'ALLEX".


Opening of the Aquarium of the Tropics in Allex:
The local council provides the « Club Aquariophile d'Allex » with 60m² of premises to set up a permanent exhibition of tropical fish.


Construction of a new 500m² building and relocation of the Aquarium to its current location.
The new Aquarium opened its doors to the public
on the 30th of August 1997.

It was then called
"Aquarium Tropical du Val de Drôme".


The 1st year was satisfying, with visitor numbers exceeding our expectations.
However, as the years went by, the objectives were no longer achieved and the number of admissions gradually fell, making it impossible to cover all the costs involved.

So in January 2004, the Association decided to look for new owners to ensure the site's long-term future.


1st of August 2004: the Aquarium was taken over by 2 employees:

- Nathalie LEMAITRE from 1996 to 2000.

- Cédric FEROTIN since 1998.

The Aquarium then changed its business structure (to “SARL”, similar to LLC) and was then called "Aquarium des Tropiques", The Aquarium of the Tropics.


Complete overhaul of the visit circuit, with the introduction of a wide range of educational tools and materials, so that it becomes fun and educational for groups or families. Demarcation of geographical regions according to the origin of the fish.


Introduction of fun and educational workshops on the visitors’ tour along with booklets handed out at the entrance of the Museum.
These cover various themes such as the biology and behaviours of fish.


The Aquarium celebrates its 30th anniversary.

In total, it had then been opened for more than :

  • 10,000 days
  • 50,000 children from school groups and youth recreational centres
  • 450,00 visitors.


After 18 years of loyal service to the fish, Nathalie LEMAITRE, a partner in the company, decided to leave for new horizons.
Cédric FEROTIN was then the only partner.


Expansion of the Aquarium (350m²)
After 8 months of intensive work, including a 5-month closure, the Aquarium reopens:

  • Creation of a new reception area
  • Creation of 7 new aquariums,
  • Covering of the turtle pool.


COVID years :
15 days after the reopening, the Aquarium closed its doors due to the Covid epidemic and the compulsory closure of "non-essential" establishments.
A total of 9 months of lockdown.


Record year: after 3 years cut short by closure for building works and lockdown, 2022 set a new attendance record, with more than 25,000 visitors over a year.


The Aquarium becomes a producer: in order to be less dependent on energy prices, more than 300m² of solar panels are installed on the roof of the building.
The result: 35% of self-generated electricity.


The Aquarium's manager still has a number of projects in the pipeline.
However, it will take a little more time for these ideas to see the light of day.
Even though the Aquarium will soon be celebrating its 40th anniversary, we are a private site that receives no financial support or subsidies.
Our resources come solely from ticket sales and souvenir sales.

Aquarium des tropiques
23 route de Crest 26400
Allex - Drôme - FRANCE

Tél : 04 75 62 62 11

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